Blood Groove II: The “Fuller” Story

I was amused to spot this in a piece of UK Ministry of Defence web-based training software for the SA80 assault rifle. Read my original post on the so-called “blood-groove” and then spot the deliberate mistake below…

blood groove sa80 bayonet

Yes, the old myth isn’t just alive and well amongst drill sergeants – it’s officially sanctioned!


8 thoughts on “Blood Groove II: The “Fuller” Story

  1. Сорри за оффтоп, кто-нить смотрел ролики на ютьюбе про конец света? Ну, про андронный колайдер Ваще страшно!

  2. Weird – I did actually see that one when it was on the other week, and now remember the bloodgroove comment – but had managed to forget it ever happened. I now have renewed nerd-rage!

  3. Хорошая статья. Действительно было интересно почитать. Не часто такое и встречается та.Наверное стоит подписаться на ваше RSS

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