A Kick in the Scrolls

After a bit of a rant in my last few posts, this time it’s just a pointer to the work of others.

I set up this blog to help redress the balance between bogus claims and commentary by professionals in the field. So it’s nice to see academics laying the smackdown onto lunacy such as the Copper Scrolls Project – not only speculative pseudohistory of the worst kind, but one that works from a Creationist timeline. Extraordinary. The critique is a bit of a read, as are some of my efforts, but things like this throw out so many claims that it’s tough to refute even the main ones without straying into essay territory. You should see what I have to edit out.

Anyway, here it is – well worth a look.

Prof. Cargill is not the only academic passing judgement either. It’s been my impression that my own countrymen are more tolerant (or possibly ignorant?) of this kind of thing. I think that as with ‘debates’ on things like Creationism, we need to weigh in too – the ‘oxygen of publicity’ argument doesn’t cut it in the internet age. If academics stay silent, they might find themselves left out.

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