Doggone Dogon.

I was reminded today of the myth that a certain African tribe (the Dogon) were privy to special astronomical knowledge that could only have been conveyed to them by aliens. The best debunk I’ve seen of this is on a site that I wouldn’t necessarily expect to find it on – well done to the author. Absolutely nothing I could add.  There’s also a summary and a letters page of sorts on Skepdic.

The tl;dr is that it’s likely that the Dogon had taken on board new information about the star in question (Sirius) from prior western visitors. Rather than aliens.


2 thoughts on “Doggone Dogon.

  1. What is the name of the British writer/lecturer in the 1970s and 1980s who had a paranormal theory for the simultaneous cultural development of technology in distant regions of the world–do you know? His name sounded a bit like it might have been invented by Tolkein!

    1. Hmm, not sure – sounds like ‘akashic record’ stuff. There’s Frederick Bligh Bond, who excavated near Glastonbury and believed in all that psychic pooled knowledge stuff, but he’s earlier than the dates you give. There’s Edgar Cayce, but he’s American. If I come across the answer, I’ll email you.

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