Bigfoot BS

A ‘yeti’ finger in the Hunterian museum collection turns out to be genetically human. No surprise there. The chap who collected it claims that it used to be the real thing and got replaced by the chap who donated it to the Hunterian. An alternative explanation is that the donor knew damn well (or at least suspected) that it was a human finger, and so saw no harm in replacing it with the real thing. In any case, another lesson that unless it’s been properly researched (which many museums simply don’t have the time or resources to do),  just being in a museum collection isn’t enough to authenticate an object.

One thought on “Bigfoot BS

  1. There’s still the mystery of where the finger came from. There’s a likely explanation in the linked article, which mentions a severed hand already in the Hunterian, from which a finger was allegedly cut to trade for the “Yeti” finger. If that hand is still in the collection, another DNA test would be in order.

    Though that leaves the mystery of where the severed hand came from…

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