Another atlantis story.

Skepticblog has a nice take-down of the latest sunken ancient city story here. It points out various generic warning signs for this kind of news report from an otherwise reputable source (the BBC in this case), one of which is the association of well-known speculative author Graham Hancock. I’m sure I’ll get around to dealing with his claims at some point, since as a teenager I was taken in by one of his books about his Orion/Egyptian pyramid theory.

One thought on “Another atlantis story.

  1. One angle the BBC piece omits is that those on the Indian subcontinent with a Hindu-centric view of human history have a big investment in this story. Undoubtedly they’d love it to be corroboration of the existence of Dvārakā, the city mentioned to be submerged in the sea in the epic Mahabharata.

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