Vampire Killing Kits article in Fortean Times

I hope readers won’t mind my drawing attention to this month’s issue (288) of Fortean Times, which I’m proud to say features as its cover article a synthesis of my research – and that of others – into those vampire killing kits that I’ve posted so much about. Whilst reiterating that we have no real evidence for their existence prior to the 1970s, it does try to make room for the kits as ‘invented artefacts’ of modern pop culture. Because, quite simply, many of them are lovely! It also features a detailed sidebar by the talented Darth Saber of the Replica Prop Forum, and a couple of other interesting vampire-related articles. Well worth a look, and always a stimulating read due to its policy of including different points of view, from what we might regard as somewhat uncritical, to the outright sceptical.



3 Responses to “Vampire Killing Kits article in Fortean Times”

  1. Facey Romford Says:

    Hmm: there’s certainly something a bit Kurt Schwitters/ Peter Blake about that kit…

  2. Deslouis Says:

    Hi, do you know where and when was made the anti vampire kit on the Fortean Times cover ?

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